Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why do the good things happen when I'm not paying attention?

When I was away last week, some great things happened. The best being a feature on Polymer Clay Daily, yay! They featured my polymer pod necklace which then sold, so I'm forever grateful for that. I am currently working on two more of those to list in my shop so keep a look out.
I was also blogged about by Lizet Frijters who does some amazing work with felt that you should all go check out. Here is her Etsy shop. These are a couple of her items which I love.

Go take a looksy!
And I was also featured on the photobeads blog. Yay! Why can't this all happen when I'm around, huh? heehee

Also, I have a little sale going on in my shop. %30 off all of my handmade supplies. I've already sold a couple so if you've been eying something, you better get it before someone else does.

Everyone have a lovely weekend!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention having one of my photo's on the front page of etsy while I was away. This one:

This was the treasury:


sharon said...

Congrat's Lori! I guess it's just important that it happens, right, not when!!

Tabmade said...

Exactly Sharon! haha

Anonymous said...

Wow...congrats! That's quite a list of accomplishments for someone on vacation...haha. Keep up the not doing a thing then I guess! True what they say about if you watch a pot it won't boil.

Pink said...

OMG that shawl looks like a butterfly wing! awesome!

KimberlyRies said...

Congrats on the front page. Love the Made It photo! Great title!!

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