Friday, May 8, 2009

I've neglected you lately.

So sorry for not posting regularly. I don't have much of an excuse. I hope you forgive me! I have some new things though. :) More pics and details at the links.


phylliso said...

I`m playing catch up with you this am.Stevie Nicks is so beautiful,I saw the group in a current People mag & it said she is 60!I can`t believe it.She sure doesn`t look it.
I love the pic of the openned egg,it is nice to be discovered even if you weren`t here when it happenned!
Now I have to check out your etsy shop...phylliso

Tabmade said...

Thanks! I need to play catch up on tons of people I'm following, haha.
And yes, Stevie looks fantastic. I believe she has a birthday this month actually, and either is, or is about to be 61.

sharon said...

These look great!! I loooove the ceramic pod bracelet, looooove those colors too! You are incredibly creative! Also love your hammered copper bracelet in your shop!

Anonymous said...

Love these new bracelets! It's interesting to see how your work is evolving....the beads are getting more and more intricate and unique. Love it!

Tabmade said...

Thanks Sharon. :)
And thanks Nancy. I've been pretty happy with how things have been evolving as well. :D

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