Friday, June 27, 2008

MMMmmmm beads

Made my first necklace from a huge order of beads I've just received. :) Opening a new box of beads is like Christmas!
This one has a large and beautiful faceted fire agate as the focal. It also has faceted red adventurine, round
faceted amazonite, faceted serpentine, and sterling silver. I'll be putting it up on my etsy in a bit. :)
The Stevie Nicks concert was amazing and my whole birthday was great! I have lots of stuff to tell about it but I'll do that another time soon.
Here's the necklace. :D

Monday, June 23, 2008

Stevie Nicks can still rock your face off.

It's almost Thursday, and that means it's almost my birthday, and better than that it means it's almost Stevie Nicks in concert day! One of my best friends and me have pit seats (center!) to see her (for the second time this year, haha) in Cincinnati on the 26th. We seen her in Reading Pennsylvania in April. We had taken this loooong planned out, elaborate road trip that took us about, what, 14 hours or something like that? Then after making our way back found out she had added a date in Cincinnati, which is so much closer. Ridiculously closer. So we decided that if we could get pit seats, we would go. And we did. :)
Here are some pics I took at the concert in Reading. I have a great zoom on my camera. We were really about 40 rows back. Stay tuned after the pics for a story about how Stevie now owns something I made. :D

*I don't mind these photos being posted around the web, but do not claim you are the photographer. This is copyright infringement and is against the law. And if I find out, I WILL do something about it. K thanks :) *

My friend Chandra that I went on this trip with (and will be going on the next one with) got the idea that we should make Stevie something. This would give us a great reason to, if given the slim chance to meet her, to go up and speak to her without looking completely insane. So I made a hammered copper bangle with a long tailed bird on it (I SO wish I had gotten a picture of it, but amongst all the excitement of that day, we both forgot about it). Chandra hand made her a card to go along with it and tied the two together with a nice ribbon. I will try to make this story short, because it could really be dragged out. After the show we circled the building to see if we could find tour buses or something like that. We came upon a long fence hidden with small trees/bushes, and there were people in between these bushes and the fence. We had found our spot! So we climbed into the bushes with the rest of these goobers, haha.
The fence was a chain linked fence, but it had green, plastic strips woven through it vertically to prevent you from seeing behind it. But when you put your eye between the cracks you could see several vans, some semi's, and a big black limo. Stevie's! Weee! After stalki- I mean, standing there peeking through the fence for about an hour, changing positions once, and helping Chandra pull up two of those plastic strips out of the fence, we finally got to see things worth seeing, haha.
Out came Stevie and everyone started freaking out and calling her name, and Chandra could not get her attention to give her our present. She talked briefly with one or two fans who were propped above the fence on someones shoulders, but the rest of us were just voices behind a fence, so she just got in her limo to leave. Chandra felt really defeated. :( But there was a van directly under us (we were above this whole area on an embankment) and after Stevie got in her limo, her backup singers came out and began putting their stuff into the back of this van, right under us! I said "Give the bracelet to one of them!" and thankfully Chandra knew their names (she's a super fan, haha) and hollered "Sharron!" She turned around looking surprised that anyone would be calling her name (backup singers don't get enough credit) and Chandra said, "We have a present for Stevie!! Can you give it to her for us? Pleeeease!?" And Sharron said "Ok" and we stuck it through the fence. Sharron took it and said "I'll give it to her, I promise." and it was awesome.
Whether or not Stevie liked it or not is not the point, so I try not to think about that, haha. She has said that she keeps all of her present from fans, so I know she has it, even if its sitting on the bottom of a closet or something. :9 And that's pretty neat to me.

Ok, I know I said that would be short, but I guess I lied, sorry.

Lately I've been working on a few things to add to my shop so keep an eye out.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Being surrounded by mess and clutter is totally demotivating. Today my goal is to clean up and be productive. It's just really hard to know where to start!

I should get before and after shots.

I'd also like to start waking up around 5 - 6am, instead of going to bed at that time.

I hope the people upstairs bring my package down today. We live in a basement apartment and the post office practically refuses to deliver my packages to the right location, so I have to wait until the people who own the house have a chance to bring it down to me.

Bed time!

Monday, June 16, 2008


For the record, I hate the word 'blog'. For some reason it sounds a little pretentious to me, I'm not sure why. And gross, haha. I'll just refer to this as a journal. I am hoping this helps keep me motivated to make things. I get really antsy if I go very long without making something regardless of what media I use, but it gets hard to peel myself off of the computer sometimes, and the next thing I know it's time to go to bed and I didn't do a damn thing that day. It's pretty sad, haha. But I think posting here about current projects and whatever other randomness comes up will give me a reason to actually have things to post. As if selling work currently being my only means of making any money wasn't reason enough.
Since this is my first real entry I will start by posting a project from my jewelry and metals class that I finished in the winter. It is one of my favorite things I have ever made and I probably worked longer and harder on it than anything I have ever made also (so far, anyways). It is a functional copper corset. It took several weeks to finish and I can really wear it, but it takes a couple of people to get me in it. :9

Friday, June 13, 2008

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