Saturday, May 30, 2009

Taking a short break

Oh gentle readers (ha!), I know you are waiting for me to post my paper mache bust process (which went well by the way), but I am so worried that I will not have as much for my upcoming booth as I'd like, that taking time off from creating just to blog my paper mache adventure would make me feel guilty. At the same time I feel guilty for not posting here as regularly lately. Woe is me! So I'm just going to wait until after the festival to get that, along with other things, posted. Then I can hopefully get back into the swing of things.
Since the things in my Etsy shop will be going in my booth for the festival, I'll be closing my Etsy from June 3rd-7th.
In other news, I just applied to my local Walmart. Depressing, yet exciting at the same time, haha.
  • It's Walmart
  • Bad reputations as employers
  • Giving in and trying to get a "regular" job after graduating college makes me feel like a failure, even though I know that I'm most definitely not.
  • A regular paycheck, holy crap!
  • I will definitely be able to finally get a kiln
  • and a car! Man do I ever need a car.
  • And can start getting out of debt and fix my credit score

Ok it is 3:30am, I should probably get to bed. See you in a little over a week!
Watch/listen to this in the meantime. Not a new Eisley song, but pobably my new favorite Eisley song.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Been Busy

Isn't it funny how you can feel guilty for not updating a blog, or even a personal journal/diary? Like people are just standing by with bated breath for you to post or something. And I've been slacking on replying to comments too. :(
I've been keeping myself pretty busy lately because I'm preparing for another festival. It's the 400 Mile Sale in Campbellsville Ky, and it will be the first time I have a booth that is just my stuff, no one with me. So I have a ton of work to do and only a little under two weeks left to do it. I can't wait to show pics of my booth though, I think it will look really nice. I didn't have the money to go buy jewelry displays, so I'm making my own. Today I will be paper macheing my own bust forms to drape necklaces on. I have a lot of new jewelry made too, but I don't want to list it on Etsy yet because I don't want to have to make anything over for this festival, haha.
Today I will take pictures of the process of me making these busts and if it turns out well then maybe others will want to try it too. :)

Friday, May 8, 2009

I've neglected you lately.

So sorry for not posting regularly. I don't have much of an excuse. I hope you forgive me! I have some new things though. :) More pics and details at the links.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Why do the good things happen when I'm not paying attention?

When I was away last week, some great things happened. The best being a feature on Polymer Clay Daily, yay! They featured my polymer pod necklace which then sold, so I'm forever grateful for that. I am currently working on two more of those to list in my shop so keep a look out.
I was also blogged about by Lizet Frijters who does some amazing work with felt that you should all go check out. Here is her Etsy shop. These are a couple of her items which I love.

Go take a looksy!
And I was also featured on the photobeads blog. Yay! Why can't this all happen when I'm around, huh? heehee

Also, I have a little sale going on in my shop. %30 off all of my handmade supplies. I've already sold a couple so if you've been eying something, you better get it before someone else does.

Everyone have a lovely weekend!

Oh! I almost forgot to mention having one of my photo's on the front page of etsy while I was away. This one:

This was the treasury:

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