Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fleetwood Mac, and unsuccessfully crashing a festival

Yay, I'm back! Overall, last week was great. The Fleetwood Mac concert was amazing and the trip to and from Columbus with Chandra to see them went smoothly. Here are some pics I took. Some make it look like it was much closer than we were, but that's just because they had two large screens above the audience to show the on-stage action better to those who were not close. So sometimes I just took a pic of the screen, haha. I have way more photo's of the concert than this but I figure this probably doesn't interest most of my readers, so here are just a few. :9

Then I stayed in Richmond (Ky) for the week and got to go back to the studio at EKU and work in my old studio space all week and see my art friends. That was super awesome, and I made some great beads (ceramic and glass) and more pod pendants. I'll post about the things I made later. I wish I had taken pics through the week, but I didn't. Boooo on me!

Then there was the Mushroom Festival in Irvine Ky which I was originally excited about, but ended up being extremely disappointed with. It's not that the festival itself was bad, there were a lot of nice booths, and it was much larger than I thought it was going to be. However, when Chandra called them a few weeks ago to see about us getting a booth, they told us there was still space and that they would call us back. That didn't happen, so she called them back and was told "Oh, no, we've been full since March." Gee, thanks. A similar thing happened to another good friend of mine who called even before March and was told they would send him an application for a booth, and he never received it. The all around vibe from them just seemed unprofessional.
But despite that news, Chandra is a bit of a rebel sometimes and thought maybe we can set up somewhere nearby the festival and still make some much needed money. I was all for that. Seemed like a harmless shot. Lets crash this festival! ...sort of. It was so hot out this past weekend (Saturday and Sunday) and we only had three hours of sleep the night before, but that Saturday we set up our table around the corner from the festival in the only spot we could find. We were too cranky and tired to bother with our tent, so we looked a little understated. No one bothered us or questioned why we were there. No one told us to take our "booth" down. There was actually some people with a sort of yard sale set up in the parking lot next to us. "Excellent!" we though. But then we only sold two things allllll day. Luckily for me they were my items. But regardless, that still sucks. But on the bright side, our spot was free, and there was always tomorrow. And we would have our tent up then, and look so much nicer!
So that Sunday we get to our spot and set up the tent, which was way easier than we thought it was going to be. We had our batiked scarves hanging from the side, and the purses Chandra's mom makes, and some things I had crocheted. Our jewelry was displayed on the table with the boxes Chandra's roommate paints here and there. It looked so nice! And as soon as we got it all set up and could sit down to relax, a man walks over to us and asks "Who gave you girls permission to set up here?" *blank stares, fast thinking* We explained our situation to him but of course we still had to tear down. We were so freakin' mad. A cop even drove by and told us the mayor had called us in. At least the officer was nice enough to tell us if we set up on the other side of the Irvine bridge we didn't have to have permission from anyone. But regarless, give me a break. The mayor? Really? Nothing better to do? That's small town Kentucky for ya. Not to mention that Chandra was told by the festival people that if any booths became available they would call her. Yet when I went hunting for a bathroom, I myslef spotted an empty booth space. And the guy that originally approached us told us himslef that threre were three! He got our number down to have someone call us if we could fill one of those spaces, but after all that crap, and it being sooooo hot out, we didn't feel like fooling with it any more. There were only about 5 hours left in the festival anyway. So theres the story of the mushroom festival. I tried to make it short. :p And I didn't even get any pictures! I was putting it off for Sunday since we were so tired and hot Saturday, and then that mess happened, so it just didn't happen. ugh. whatever, over all my week was still great. And while I was away, I was on he front page of Etsy and got featured on a popular website, and someones bog! But I'll talk about that tomorrow. I have things to make!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Be Back Soon

I'm getting ready to go to a good friends for a week and don't know how much I will be online until I am back next Sunday. We are going to see Fleetwood Mac in Columbus OH tomorrow, and then are going to have a booth at the Kentucky Morel Mushroom Festival in Irvine KY. Just wanted to let everyone know in case I'm not able to respond right away to comments and Etsy purchases and such. don't miss me too much! :9

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Artsist Spotlight: Lindsay Feuer

A couple of years ago in my ceramics class, our teacher Joe asked us to find an artist that "informed" our work. This was apparently different than something that inspires our work, but he wouldn't tell us the difference until we found an artist we though informed our work. Oh he's a tricky one, that Joe. Pff, making us think, what kinda crap is that!? heehee But anyways, even though I wasn't sure exactly what he meant, and having no artist in mind, I flipped through art on Google and found Lindsay Feuer. She is definitely right up my alley.

And apparently I was right that she could be someone that "informs" my work, the difference being where do, specifically, the forms and images I use in my ceramics stem from. For example, a lot of Lindsay's work has tentacles/vines growing and sprouting from them, as does my own. Someone may get inspired by nature like myself, and after a nice hike, or visit to the botanical gardens, want to immediately get to work making things inspired by that. But when you are applying specific aesthetics of nature like the tops of acorns, then they are what informs your work. A fine and confusing line, ha! now go look at Lindsay's artwork, it could inspire and inform your work!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do all of these need titles?

New listing I love and would just keep if I didn't need money:

More pics and details in my shop, right here.

I have some artists to feature soon too, starting tomorrow. :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Finally used my felt

I finally got around to completing a project with the roving I purchased from Copperpot on Etsy.
I also used the rest of the ceramics beads I had made late last year.

You can find this in my shop

It was tempting to just keep it! But I still have plenty of that roving left so its all good. :) I also priced this a bit cheaper than what it probably should be because I know a lot of people are feeling the economy, so it's a pretty darn good deal.
Off to finish another necklace! :D

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Staying busy

I've not been online as much lately because I've been trying to get my commission finished to make 10 of my flora and botany necklaces for the Elmhurst Art Museum gift shop.

Letting the varnish dry on some of the beads a few days ago. i like to stick them on copper wires and jab'em into a block of polymer to dry.
A lot of people like to post their work space which is usually a nice desk area with lots of shelves and drawers and a tool rack, etc.. Maybe even in its own special room. But my work space is just the coffee table in between the couch and the television. So that's pretty much it. I'd like to move it to where my computer is now, but then I'd have to move my computer and stereo somewhere and there's just nowhere decent to reassign everything. Ahhh, post college life!

Beads: check, original necklace for reference: check, wireless mouse to change the songs on my pandora radio station from the couch: check, coffee: super check! ....

Mmmm, bag o' finished beads. :)

Little helper by my side: check!

I've mentioned this before but I like to roll out a strip of polymer clay to hold my beads on before I string them. This holds odd shaped beads in the position they will be when strung to give you a more accurate idea of what your piece will look like. And it doesn't leave any kind of residue on your beads.
You know all of my ceramic pod pendants that aren't in my shop anymore? This is why. I'm using the ones I had left for these necklaces. But in a couple of weeks I will be back by campus for a week and in the studio where I will be whipping out as many as possible, so if you've always wanted one don't fret.
I'll be going with one of my bestest friends to see Fleetwood Mac in Columbus on the 17th, and then staying with her up by campus for a week because the following weekend is the Kentucky morel mushroom festival, and we are getting a booth. :D I'm so excited! I have so much stuff to make for it. Gotta get busy!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

So much newness!

I am so proud that I finally finished the necklace I talked about a short while back. Since graduating, I've not had any big 'projects' to work on really, so I gave myself one. And finishing it feels really good. Not worrying about it being graded feels pretty good too. ;D

Details about this necklace are right here in my shop.

And now that I've bombarded your computer with all those photos, I have a few more. I've added a ton of new photo's to my photography shop on Etsy TheUnderstory, but I'll just post a couple of my favorites and if you want you can go check out the others. :)

Resting Petals

Dandelions Are Flowers Too dandelion study n. 4

I hope everyone's week is going lovely! :)

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