Thursday, April 16, 2009

Artsist Spotlight: Lindsay Feuer

A couple of years ago in my ceramics class, our teacher Joe asked us to find an artist that "informed" our work. This was apparently different than something that inspires our work, but he wouldn't tell us the difference until we found an artist we though informed our work. Oh he's a tricky one, that Joe. Pff, making us think, what kinda crap is that!? heehee But anyways, even though I wasn't sure exactly what he meant, and having no artist in mind, I flipped through art on Google and found Lindsay Feuer. She is definitely right up my alley.

And apparently I was right that she could be someone that "informs" my work, the difference being where do, specifically, the forms and images I use in my ceramics stem from. For example, a lot of Lindsay's work has tentacles/vines growing and sprouting from them, as does my own. Someone may get inspired by nature like myself, and after a nice hike, or visit to the botanical gardens, want to immediately get to work making things inspired by that. But when you are applying specific aesthetics of nature like the tops of acorns, then they are what informs your work. A fine and confusing line, ha! now go look at Lindsay's artwork, it could inspire and inform your work!


Anonymous said...

She's a very interesting artist! I remember my sculpture professor using the phrase "informs your work" quite often as well. She say, "Go look up so and so". It took as a few failed look ups to realize she was expecting that we could "book report" that artist next time.

Princess Caitlin said...

Hooray! I'm so glad you like your slippers. :D I can't wait for the pic. I'm holding you to it now. ;-)

no worries about the pendant - Now I need to buy something to hang it on!

lizet frijters said...

I checked her gallery on her site, wow amazing, love it!

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