Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Do all of these need titles?

New listing I love and would just keep if I didn't need money:

More pics and details in my shop, right here.

I have some artists to feature soon too, starting tomorrow. :)


John said...

Very unique blog.
Fantastic pictures and presentation.

I like your blog.

Please visit:

Keep blogging.
Good day.

Doreen said...

These beads are so beautiful! They are so organic yet the colors make them whimsical. I love them!

J-Mi said...

It's gorgeous! I feel the same way about the most recent scarf I listed, I'd love to keep it too! :)

I feel like I should say I thought your title said somethin else the first time I saw it. :)

sharon said...

Only put a title if you feel it has one, your stuff is fun and impressive!

squash said...

This is so beautiful I could cry.

Tabmade said...

Thank you all for the compliments! It's extremely encouraging, and there's not much I need more than motivation sometimes, haha.
And wow Squash, that is the sweetest compliment I think I've ever gotten!

squash said...

My dear, you totally deserve it! I simply adore your beads and designs. Your seeds and your pods, I love them. And I highly appreciate the fact that you're making yourself not only the beautiful polymer clay beads, but also the ceramic, the lampwork and the copper wire beads. Keep up the good work, I'm sure you're an inspiration for many crafters like me. Big hug!

2ifbysea said...

It's gorgeous! I'd have a hard time parting with that piece too!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

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