Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Week: Happy Wed, Thu, Fri, Sat

I know, I know. I slacked on happy week. :( That makes me...not happy, haha. But I will make up for the four days I've missed, and today, all in one post.
Also, I'm glad you all enjoyed my musical selections! And also that some of you got to hear some music you've not heard before. That makes me happy! heehee

#1 My doggies make me very very happy. :) And since I've been away at Mary's, making things and house sitting, I've missed them lots.



#2 The piano makes me very veeery happy. I'm pretty good at learning music on my own, but I really want lessons some day. I love that Mary has a piano. I've been pecking at it for like two weeks now. I'm too afraid to play on it like I'd like though, for fear of the neighbors hearing me, haha. (she lives in an apartment)


#3 Uploading new things to my Etsy makes me happy. :) This is something I just uploaded. It may be new to you, but it's been waiting to be listed for months now, haha. :9

Disclaimer: I know it doesn't match that shirt, but I didn't feel like changing at the time of this photo.

#4- Completed to-do lists!

Carissa GoodNCrazy

If only that one were mine!! Except maybe the math. ;D But nonetheless, this blog post concludes my to-do list for the day. And that's a feeling I don't get all too often. It most definitely makes me oh so happy. :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Week: Happy Tuesday!

If I couldn't be an artist, I'd want to be a musician. Well, I want to play music regardless, but, ya know... anyways. Here are my five favorite bands/singer-songwriters, which all make me very very happy. Picking just one video for each of these to share is HARD because I want to strap you all down and make you listen/watch them all. But I can't do that. :9 So here we go:

The Smashing pumpkins have been my absolute favorite band since I was about 12 years old. That's over a decade. D: They have sooo many visually amazing videos, so ignore what I said about just one video per person because for them I can't help posting more than that.

Tonight, Tonight - One of my favorite videos ever made

Stand Inside Your Love

I wanted to share more but so many of the youtube videos don't allow embedding these days. :(

Joanna Newsom - I love her equally to the Pumpkins. Her earlier vocals are somewhat of an acquired taste, but she's gotten more...control over the past few years, haha.

Ok, screw what I said about one video. I don't expect everyone to watch all of these anyways, I might as well do what I want, haha.

Fiona Apple - <3

Fast As You Can live with Nickel Creek (I love it when artists mess up a bit! Reminds you they are human too...and it's funny.)

Extraordinary Machine

Regina Spektor - Her new album is awesome

Blue Lips

And Eisley!! :D None of their official videos are on youtube anymore. :(

And that's that. If you've watched more than one or two of those, yay for you. :) Unless you hated them....sad day. :(

Monday, August 17, 2009

Happy week: Happy Monday!!!

Happy week starts now! :D

Color makes me very happy.....

....Buddhas make me happy. :)


...and airy, clean spaces with lots of natural light are essential to my happiness. I don't get enough of them.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Next week is happy week

Next week I'm participating in Curious Girl's Happy Week. :) From her blog: "starting Monday, post a photo (yours or otherwise) and words on your blog about one thing (person, idea, thought, etc.) that makes you happy each day through Saturday.
If you go tell her you want to participate, she will put you on her blog roll thingy. :)
I've been wanting to make an effort to post more and this will be a good reason to. Yay!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Giving the job hunt a break, giving Etsy and my mental well being a kick in the ass.

Sorry if I've not replied to your comments much recently. I've been in a self loathing funk and haven't been being as productive as I should be. (am I ever?)
My job hunting has taken a zillion different directions just over the past week, but I think I have it settled. At least for now. My frazzled brain noise went as follows:
Relying on the fact that the owner of the local Chinese restaurant is interested in hiring me as soon as the kids that currently work there head back to school. There are pro's and con's to this that I won't get into.
I then had an overwhelming feeling that I need to get out of this town already, and searched online for jobs up by campus where I graduated. Then I could keep working in the studio (cause the teachers are awesome and let us grads use the facilities) and get and early start on my recently acquired 5 year plan. But the job I found (which was art related!) is only part time and I wouldn't be making enough to even split rent with Mary, who I would be moving in with. Other job options I racked my brain over ended up not being good ideas either. Bummer. :(
Then I started getting pretty miserable that all this job hunting made me feel like I was giving up on Etsy. And that was not a good feeling. I decided that taking time out to stay with Mary and work in the campus studio for a couple of weeks would be a good idea. The boy also made me feel better by reminding me that I could really use that studio time to make things for the pottery festival next month, and holy crap is he right. Then two weeks turned into three since Mary will be heading off to Penland later this month (lucky her! :D ) and could really use me to house sit and feed her kitties for her again.
I think this will be a really good thing for me to really focus hard on not only getting things made for the pottery festival, but giving my Etsy a good kick in the bum, and try to get my sales back off the ground. I really want to give it all I have for the next three weeks (and beyond of course). No procrastinating. I look forward to it being refreshing, and helping me get my positive attitude back. And hopefully after the festival in September, I can finally afford that small kiln I so disparately need.

In unrelated news, my dreadies have been looking wonderful lately. They are long enough for me to tuck under my head bands and wraps now (well, most of them,haha). It looks rather nice. :)

Oh hey :)

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