Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Happy Week: Happy Tuesday!

If I couldn't be an artist, I'd want to be a musician. Well, I want to play music regardless, but, ya know... anyways. Here are my five favorite bands/singer-songwriters, which all make me very very happy. Picking just one video for each of these to share is HARD because I want to strap you all down and make you listen/watch them all. But I can't do that. :9 So here we go:

The Smashing pumpkins have been my absolute favorite band since I was about 12 years old. That's over a decade. D: They have sooo many visually amazing videos, so ignore what I said about just one video per person because for them I can't help posting more than that.

Tonight, Tonight - One of my favorite videos ever made

Stand Inside Your Love

I wanted to share more but so many of the youtube videos don't allow embedding these days. :(

Joanna Newsom - I love her equally to the Pumpkins. Her earlier vocals are somewhat of an acquired taste, but she's gotten more...control over the past few years, haha.

Ok, screw what I said about one video. I don't expect everyone to watch all of these anyways, I might as well do what I want, haha.

Fiona Apple - <3

Fast As You Can live with Nickel Creek (I love it when artists mess up a bit! Reminds you they are human too...and it's funny.)

Extraordinary Machine

Regina Spektor - Her new album is awesome

Blue Lips

And Eisley!! :D None of their official videos are on youtube anymore. :(

And that's that. If you've watched more than one or two of those, yay for you. :) Unless you hated them....sad day. :(


kendalee said...

GREAT choices all! Most of these I knew but Joanna Newson was new to me so thanks for the intro - discovering someone new like this always makes me happy!

curious girl (lisa) said...

you have equisite taste in music my friend...ethereal and quirky. regina always makes me happy.

Anonymous said...

you listen to good stuff:) Fiona's gotten me through a lot throughout my life.

Auroras_Garden said...

You have great taste in music! I too am a huge fan of the smashing pumpkins. I like em!

My Mane in the Wind said...

Thanks for your choices -- wasn't familiar with Regina! Love your necklaces -- a garden of delights! Happy Thursday!

Andrew Thornton said...

Great choices, indeed! We've got similar tastes in music.

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