Friday, August 7, 2009

Giving the job hunt a break, giving Etsy and my mental well being a kick in the ass.

Sorry if I've not replied to your comments much recently. I've been in a self loathing funk and haven't been being as productive as I should be. (am I ever?)
My job hunting has taken a zillion different directions just over the past week, but I think I have it settled. At least for now. My frazzled brain noise went as follows:
Relying on the fact that the owner of the local Chinese restaurant is interested in hiring me as soon as the kids that currently work there head back to school. There are pro's and con's to this that I won't get into.
I then had an overwhelming feeling that I need to get out of this town already, and searched online for jobs up by campus where I graduated. Then I could keep working in the studio (cause the teachers are awesome and let us grads use the facilities) and get and early start on my recently acquired 5 year plan. But the job I found (which was art related!) is only part time and I wouldn't be making enough to even split rent with Mary, who I would be moving in with. Other job options I racked my brain over ended up not being good ideas either. Bummer. :(
Then I started getting pretty miserable that all this job hunting made me feel like I was giving up on Etsy. And that was not a good feeling. I decided that taking time out to stay with Mary and work in the campus studio for a couple of weeks would be a good idea. The boy also made me feel better by reminding me that I could really use that studio time to make things for the pottery festival next month, and holy crap is he right. Then two weeks turned into three since Mary will be heading off to Penland later this month (lucky her! :D ) and could really use me to house sit and feed her kitties for her again.
I think this will be a really good thing for me to really focus hard on not only getting things made for the pottery festival, but giving my Etsy a good kick in the bum, and try to get my sales back off the ground. I really want to give it all I have for the next three weeks (and beyond of course). No procrastinating. I look forward to it being refreshing, and helping me get my positive attitude back. And hopefully after the festival in September, I can finally afford that small kiln I so disparately need.

In unrelated news, my dreadies have been looking wonderful lately. They are long enough for me to tuck under my head bands and wraps now (well, most of them,haha). It looks rather nice. :)

Oh hey :)


Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear you've been bummed out lately. I hear ya though...once you enter that self-loathing place it's a downward spiral that seems to send rays out into every branch of your life. But at least you're fighting. That's the most important part. Go take some awesome new photos. I'd love to have some more in the future:) By the way, everyone who sees them in my house comments and loves them.

Tabmade said...

Yes, it definitely is a downward spiral to be in one of those funks. :( But it will pass. And I'm so glad people love the prints! :D

Princess Caitlin said...

I've never been in that exact situation, but definitely experienced those funks. Chin up!

Like the dreadies tucked under like that! You're so cute. :)

Auroras_Garden said...

god your dreads look so good! I hope mine can get to looking that good. it sill resembles a rats nest of sorts...
Thanks for not giving up on etsy. Your art is too good, you need to keep putting it out there! You have amazing talent for sure.

Tabmade said...

Thanks Caitlin!

And thanks Libby! Dreadies take a lot of time, but it's worth it. :)
And thanks for the encouragement!

KimberlyRies said...

It sounds like you are getting on the right track and hopefully the funk will be behind you soon. Stay motivated! Are there any local shops or boutiques you could take your jewelry to, to sell that way? You have so much talent, don't give up!!

Anonymous said...

I have never been in that exact situation, but definitely experienced those funks..[..]

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