Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Just some things I like

All of these Flickr-ers have shops on Etsy. :)

1. HUGE, Soft, Thick, Earthy, Bohemian Fringe-O-Rama - Ready for a Forest Walk in the Woodlands with Eclectic Mix of Every Color, Plus Neutrals - Twice as Thick as Usual , 2. Envy , 3. woodland sprite, 4. Fortune Teller Necklace, 5. Enchantment of the Pixies patchwork Dress, 6. Kijana, 7. Rainbow Hippie, 8. arab bell , 9. Little red riding hood


Princess Caitlin said...

for as beautiful, haunting, and eye-catching as it is, I always feel like I don't "get" the Envy print.
It pops up everywhere, and I'm always like "man! that's gorgeous! Too bad I don't "get it""

Marie Cramp said...

Very fun stuff. I just linked your blog :)


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