Thursday, March 19, 2009

Oh bloggy blog, how I've neglected thee!

I keep procrastinating a new post because I think "Ok, I will finish this necklace I'm working on, and then I can post about that, yeah! And it will motivate me to finish my project, yeah!" But instead I get distracted and still haven't finished the necklace. Sad day. But I am proud of it so far and can't wait to post it.
Until then, here's a new photo I've recently uploaded to The Understory.


Princess Caitlin said...

Ooh, did you get a new blog layout? I likes it.

It's ok you laughed. :D Bummer about your stuff with free shipping! lol
I did tell her it was an accident, but I didn't ask her to pay full price... It was the only sale I've made that I wasn't like "Thanks SO much for your purchase!"

Anonymous said...

This photo is beautiful! I'm jealous that it wasn't in your shop sooner...

elf said...

I feel the same way, no motivation at all!Must be something in the air! Love the photo also, It's fabulous!

Tabmade said...

Thanks you guys! Er, uh, gals! haha

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