Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Natalya Pinchuk

*In reference to my last post, I think from now on I will both reply to comments on the commenters blog, as well as my own so that new readers can see that I do reply to just about every comment here.

Anywho, a few months ago I was looking for inspiration for my final project for my jewelry/metals class. One of the artists I found was Natalya Pinchuk who uses mixed media mainly consisting of plastic and felt, as well as enameled metal, polymer clay, sterling silver, and even a bycicle intertube. Here are some of her pieces I really love:

You can see more either on Natalya Pinchuk's main website, or right here.

On a related note, I really need to send a blank cd to my metals professor so she can send me the images she took of my work! I also need ot get photo's of my final ceramics work. :p


John Wright Art said...

I agree. I like to respond to comments on my blog and comment on their blogs as well.
Natalya's work is just amazing. Thanks for introducing me to it, Tab.
Best of luck with your project.

Highland Fairy said...

WOW...her work is incredible!!!
thanx for sharing....♥

Tabmade said...

John, good to know someone else also does it that way.
You're welcome, and thanks!

Highland Fairy, I know! haha. You're welcome. :D

phylliso said...

I wanted 2 bangles,but it said that there was only 1 left.Let me know how to pay for it,thanks!phylliso

Lisa R said...

Very nice work...thank you for sharing.

Tabmade said...

You're welcome Lisa!

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