Thursday, March 12, 2009

Dan Cormier

I've not been on as much lately but after today things should be back to normal for me. :)

But anyways...
I was searching for polymer clay tools when I found Dan Cormier's website. He has the kind of work that makes me want to stop whatever I'm doing and break out my polymer clay right on the spot. I looove his work, his newer work especially. His use of white is stunning.

But you know I love color. ;D This is one of my favorites.

His page came up in my search because of this great tool he created, The Cutting Edge Peeler Kit.

Go check out his work!


Anonymous said...

I also wanted to say thank you for including the extra 8X10(ish-ha) of Ambitious Stigma. Our post office is a bit ghetto to say the least. I was nervous about getting them because every package I've ever picked up from them is always roughed up. The work was fine- you packed it well thank goodness, because despite your DO NOT BEND request, there was a nice crease along the length of the envelope. DAMN post office! Grrr....

Anonymous said...

You deserve it, you're work is so lovely!

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