Monday, March 30, 2009

A cold frosty morning

The dogs woke me up at about 7am this morning to go out, and when I stepped outside I was surprised at how frosty the ground was. It was cold! But it was soooo pretty out. Since it may have been the last frosty morning of the year where I live, I wanted to take some pictures. I got one print out of it all. :)

Morning Chill

Some other pics I took:


Jaya said...

Ahhh, I like those!

Tabmade said...

Thank you Jaya! :)

Little Z said...

looooooove those pictures!!

Tabmade said...

Thanks Little Z!

Athena said...

Those first two pictures look like they could be life on another planet. Very cool. :)

Tabmade said...

Thank you Athena. :)

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