Sunday, January 4, 2009

Trying to self motivate

I want to be a morning person. I want to be able to wake up naturally at 6am instead of 11am, and have numerous tasks completed before others even start their day. I haven't done that very many times in my life, but when I manage to, I feel pretty awesome. When it starts getting warm again I want to get up early and run every morning, but right now it's way too cold. I also want to move from task to task without getting so distracted and having to force myself to get started on something. It's so hard for me to just get started, it's like pushing through a brick wall. If I could make it a habit to do these things I would feel a whole lot better about myself and my future. Some people hate routine, but I really wish I had one. I solid productive one. :p
Next month, as an experiment, I'm going to attempt to go all of February without eating sugar. Natural sugars, like fruit, won't count. But things like candy, sweet junk foods, a zillion sugars in my tea, stuff like that will have to go. I want to see how it influences how I feel physically, if my pants get a little looser (and fit right again), if my skin starts to look better, and I guess mostly just to see if I can. Wish me luck on that!
I took some pics for a hat I need to post to my Etsy and my camera ate the pics. It's the first time that's happened to me. I was told that after a while, memory cards just get kind of worn out, so I guess that's the problem. I have another one that only hold like 12 photos, but I guess that's all I need for now. I want to take the hat pics over again outside anyways, because the ones I had were kind of crappy. I need a better backdrop and such.
I'm going to get to bed now even though I'm not that tired. I want to get up at 7am tomorrow and try to be this productive person I want to become instead of constantly disappointing myself. And because I don't like posting entries without at least one pic, here's a photo of a dead cicada I took in the driveway last summer.


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