Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Polymer clay is handy for other things too!

...Such as keeping your beads where you want them while you plan out a necklace.

I like using it instead of those beading trays because it can hold oddly shaped beads how you need them, keeping the holes horizontal and such. I just roll out a coil and flatten it to the table to the length I want and it works out really well. I can push my beads into it and it doesn't get all stuck in/on them or anything.

And this is that necklace finished:

I am extremely pleased with how it turned out. Besides the gemstone beads used, the rest are all handmade by me, either ceramic or polymer, including the copper clasp.


phylliso said...

I love it when an idea so simple comes to your mind,thanks for sharing.
Beautiful necklace too!,phylliso

Dashery Jewelry said...

Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant!

Sudha said...

WOW!!! amazing it looks very pretty and you are so talented cheers:)

squash said...

I love your necklace so much! So full of life!

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