Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Post storm walk

I walk around my block just about every evening an hour or so before dark for exercise and the peacefulness of it. Living in the country right outside of town is nice and full of birds chirping and cows mooing and taking my walk is my favorite time of the day. I go around the block 4 times which is apx 3.2 miles.
A couple of weeks ago a storm had just cleared and the clouds and atmosphere was amazing. I wish I would have gotten my camera out sooner, but I still managed to get some pics of my walk that evening.

There was another, closer, larger cloud like this before I grabbed my camera that had a striking resemblance to a giant pie. :9

LOVE those huge post-storm cumulus clouds.

I don't walk up the dirt path, it's 'no trespassing' territory. But I'm quite curious to see whats up there. I think I'll Google earth it later, haha.

I wish you could see the fog rising up from the street in some of these photos.

Ipod cord :9

I hope there are many more moments like this as the summer progresses, and that I can get some more shots to do it some justice.


Debi said...

Thank you for "taking" me on your walk! Your photos bring back happy memories of time spent in the Eastern half of the States. I really miss it! I, too, love walking and taking a camera for the joy of capturing nature :-)

curious girl (lisa) said...

beautiful country! you are lucky to experience it on a daily basis.

Marie Cramp said...

You have your own little piece of Heaven out there. Enjoy it, most of us are not that lucky :)


luckytwentyone said...

thank you for sharing these pics and inspiring me to take a walk daily this summer! :)

Anonymous said...

So jealous! My heart lives in the country....does that count? I can't even walk around the block here (Baltimore). Our part of town isn't scary per say, but I still wouldn't wanna walk around on my own.

Valerie's Essentials said...

Wow wonderful pics! Very peaceful! I write poems and these would make wonderful backdrops for them! The first pic would have gone great with the one I just wrote for my Great Aunt. It's on my blog. Aweson pics. U don't have that here in the city. I could take a pic of a lot great CARS, Stoplights, shopping areas!

Princess Caitlin said...

Lori, these are gorgebus.
Okay, that looks wrong spelled like that. Whatever. They're beautiful and I love this post. :D

KimberlyRies said...

Wow, you captured some great shots. Thanks for sharing with us. Too bad we didn't win that box o' beads, huh?

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