Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Better luck next time

So I participated in Kentucky's 400 mile sale which was Wednesday through Sunday. But the first two days it rained (Thursday was freezing!) so there wasn't that much traffic until Friday. And there was apparently at least two other big events going on in town that prevented the sale from attracting as much people as it usually does also. This is supposed to be fixed next year so maybe I'll have better luck then. Also the economy doesn't help at all. And the fact that I had never even heard of the 400 mile sale until this year and even though it's labeled as mainly 'antiques and collectibles', it's mostly yard sale type of stuff. I was about the only art/craft type booth there. I only made back half of my booth fee. :( But at least I thought my little table was nice looking, and I got a lot of compliments on my things. Several people took down my Etsy address also. Here's what my table looked like the first two or three days. eventually I had some batiked silk scarves hanging all around and I also strung some pendants of mine up on a branch I found down the street that I suspended from the top inside of the tent. It was very pretty. :D

Clcik these for a better look. I painted my own sign. It looks kinda messed up here because it's before I had it hung on the bars of the tent instead of stretched. also when the weather improved I rolled up the two front corners of the tent to make more room for people to view my goods.

Who is that cutie in the chair? :D haha That vase is made by me and I had planned on selling it, but I need to fix the places where some of those feathery parts have gotten chipped off first.

I've started putting these in my shop. although they will be $12, not $10. I always make things a little bit cheaper at shows like this because I get afraid that people around here will think I charge too much (even though I'm usually undercharging) because they usually don't understand the work that goes into these things.
Painted my own cork board and cut the backs these are pinned to from scrapbook paper.

I made that bracelet holder from the Styrofoam you get by the fake flowers, dowel rod, and some fabric.

Hopefully I'll start having some luck at these sort of things soon! At least I got some funnel cake! haha


Anonymous said...

Wow, that's a gorgeous display! I'm sure more of your things will sell when you find the right kind of show too:) Love how you make all of your display stuff too.

sharon said...

Lori. your display is really nice, colorful and eyecatching! I think jewelry is so personal, you really have to find the right place and audience...but I have no advice on that...I know when I do shows like you did I don't fair too well either.
I think home shows are great if you can can find someone with friends who are interested, they really seem to be more profitable. You have a great attitude though....keep trying and creating .

Tabmade said...

Thanks Nancy!
And thanks Sharon, I think you are completely right about jewelry being personal. As far as the in-home jewelry party thing goes, I've not done that before. But my brother works in an elderly care facility and he said the woman he works with would probably be interested. I may take my jewelry there soon, or send photos of my work along with him. :)

KimberlyRies said...

Congrats Lori. Your booth looks great and it's so colorful and inviting. It is very important to find the right shows for what you are selling. I would think most people at that highway sale were looking for yard sale deals. Your stuff is too nice!! I love the necklace with the colorful flat disks. Very cool!!

Mary Kaye said...

Lori, I just found your work for the first time this evening -- I love it! I wanted to point out that in the one picture of yourself with your booth, you're not wearing any of your jewelry (that I can see). You should be WEARING something you've made at every show so people can see it "in action". One of my craft show mentors told me once, "If you won't wear it yourself, why would anyone else want to buy it and wear it?" So, even though I'm not a big jewelry wearer, I wear my jewelry at a show.

Might help, can't hurt, right? :)

Mary Kaye said...

Forgot to mention - love your handmade display items! I can figure out the painted board but there isn't a complete enough picture of your bracelet display. Any chance you'd do a quick tutorial on that? Or at least better pictures with a description of how you put it together?

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