Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Etsy: The Understory

I finally decided to make a separate Etsy shop for my photography. It's at (an understory is the floor of the forest). I have a ton of photo's that I've taken over the past year or so that are just piling up on my computer, waiting to be made into lovely prints. :)
Here are a few I've added recently:

The rest are the ones that were already on my main shop.


squash said...

Good luck with your new shop! All the pictures are beautiful, but the last one is amazing!

Anonymous said...

They are absolutely beautiful! You have such an eye for color!

phylliso said...

OMG,they are beautiful! You are so talented!phylliso

D' Luxe Designs said...

Wow, your photos are so beautiful! You should think about making them into greeting cards. Good luck with your new shop.

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