Friday, February 27, 2009

New Items

Put some new photo's up in my print shop The Understory

This was taken last year in late summer/early fall when a good friend and I decided to skip class and go on a photo-taking adventure. I have lot's of photo's from that day that desperately need to be edited and posted either to my shop or my Flickr. :)

This was taken last July during an annual east coast camping trip I go on with a huge group of fantastic people from I've made a lot a friends on that site and have been a member for almost five years now. There's more to it than tattooed pin up ladies, there's a great community there.

And this was taken in the yard a few days ago. There's so much to take pictures on in the grass, you may be surprised. It's one of my favorite places to go to take photos. And it's so local! haha When I take the dogs out I stare at the ground and look at the variety of things growing (and crawling).

I've also put a new item in my main shop Tabmade that I've been procrastinating listing (among several other things, haha) for a long time. I made these last fall while I was still in school. Oh how I miss having a studio to work in!

Details on those in my shop. :)

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lizet frijters said...

Wow, you seem to find and make such a beautiful pieces. I think I could comment on all of them. Your blog is very beautiful. I will follow you.

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