Tuesday, November 18, 2008

What's Tab Making??

It's about time I showed some of what I have been working on in my final ceramics class before I graduate this December. Before I do that though, I want to show a couple of finished things from my metals class. Earlier in the semester we learned granulation (a process used by goldsmiths or silversmiths to decorate precious metals with small spheres fused to a base piece.) We also learned to make a chain with fine silver (fine silver is what we were also using to granulate). We had to do a practice piece first, which I ended up using as the focal point to this bracelet. It also uses the chain I made (which is kind of a pain in the ass since you have to fuse every jumpring by hand before linking together)

I'm really happy with it, and wear it most days. :) It's not supposed to have a face, it just ended up looking that way. But I like it.

Once I got the hang of granulation with my practice piece, I made the main project. These are a pair of 8 gauge earrings. The granulated part is of course *fine silver, and the hook and rivet is sterling silver. These were not meant to look like purses, but they just ended up that way. *shrug* That's ok with me though, I am really happy with them. I wear them almost daily.

*As far as I understand from my class, you must granulate with pure metals, not alloys. Only pure metals will fuse together when heated. This is why you can not granulate with sterling silver. Sterling is 7.5% copper, which is added for strength (silver is pretty soft). Fine silver is something like 99.999% silver, nothing added whatsoever.

Ok, back to ceramics. These pieces are all unfinished, either still being sculpted, or still in need of being glazed, etc... They are for my BFA senior exhibition that will be December 7th. So close! So stressful! Haha.

This is a sort of terrarium, so to speak. Tiny plant life (muchly made up from my brain) in what could be a split nut shell, or maybe some driftwood, who knows. :) It is dry, but still needs to be bisque fired. It will be really tricky to glaze!

A work in progress which is now finished, waiting to be bisque fired.

Bottom of this still waiting to be carved, and the top waiting to be put on.

Here it is with the top finished. The bottom still needed to be carved, but it has since been finished and is also waiting to be bisque fired.

Here are some bisque fired pieces on my shelf, ready to be glazed. :)

One of several small 'studies' of mine. They'll make good glaze testers. :)

This is my work space in the advanced studio. I have since cleaned and organized it so it looks much better now. :9

And that's all for now! I can't wait to have the finished pieces to show. :D


Pip said...

Holy Hell those earring sare adorable. They are 8 gauge old lady handbags. AWESOME> The contrast of those concepts is brilliant.

Shine said...

I am severely jealous of your handbuilding skills. I knew you were good, but HOT DAMN! you are good.

Princess Caitlin said...

Wow what a great post!!
Nifty metalworking there. Awesome.
And the intricate details in that ceramic work?! Amazing.
So cool. Go you!!

beornica said...

I am heavily enamored of absolutely everything shown in this post. Your ceramics in particular. I love how organic and poddy everything is! Everything is sooo... plant sex organs. Amazing.

Shine said...

the obama bowl wasn't ready for this most recent glaze firing. I'll be firing again before giftmas. I'm eager to see how it will turn out, but I don't want to destroy it by rushing it.

Sascha said...

Those earring are seriously sick! I could see those in tattoo/piercing shops!

Highland Fairy said...

WOW~~~ your work is FAB!!!
Your claywork is really organic and detailed...my kinda thing!
I'm really pleased I found your blog.....now I'm off to read some more....
Heidi xx

phylliso said...

Your work is awesome! I would love to own a bracelet.It looks so simple to put on ,I have trouble with clasps & do-hinkies.phylliso

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