Sunday, November 23, 2008

New treasury, and an upcoming shop makeover

I've made a new Etsy treasury! It's called Eyegasm and it's been sitting in my poster sketch forever until I was finally around when the treasury opened up. When it expires I'll post a screen shot. I'm really happy with this treasury and it's super awesome colors. :)

I'm currently making a new banner for my Etsy store. I'm trying to focus on a specific aesthetic direction to take my shop in that relates to my ceramics work while still maintaining a variety of media. My work in clay has taken a on a specific direction in the past couple of semesters that I'm really excited about and I want to bring the rest of the things I make into that same direction a little. I'd like to keep working on the banner but I should get in bed. I have to get up kind of early.


Highland Fairy said...

Your banner is great!
lovely to find a girl who has a love for clay, fabric and me!

Shine said...

thanks so much.

haha you are definitely more professional about this whole thing than I am.

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