Saturday, July 18, 2009

Photo's from Mary's

When I house sat for my awesome friend Mary last month, I stayed an extra week when she got back and we got dolled up with leaves in out hair and took photos in her backyard. :)

I want to go back. :( I miss her and her kitties. And being close to the studio at school.

The black one is Neko, the other is Wilco. :) I more to post later, and I need to ask her is she care is I post her pic too.


curious girl (lisa) said...

tab, you're beautiful!

phylliso said...

I agree,you are beautiful,I love your hair like that,you look so peaceful,phylliso

Auroras_Garden said...

Tab your gorgeous! LOVE your hair! Maylee loves the kitties. She loves kitties so much! Thats a great photo of you, you should frame it!

Little Z said...

Wow! Gorgeous picture! Is that you or is that your friend? Love the hair and necklace too.

Princess Caitlin said...

hey, sorry for not commenting back lately!
That pic of you is soo sweet. I love it.

And I love how we both did a hair post about the same time. lol
Rock on with the dreads!! that must take some serious patience. :)

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